Le Voile Floral – Reed Diffuser 90

Le Voile Floral – Reed Diffuser 90

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In the past, French noblewomen enjoyed wearing soliflore perfume. 
Fragrances in ESSENCE & FLEUR~Le Voile Floral~ series are blended with the oil made collaboration with long-established fragrance manufacturer in Grasse, the heart of the French perfume industry in southern France.
The five floral scents come in handy 90ml bottle.
The fragrances bring your room not only a pleasant scent but also an elegant look.

Non-alcoholic, essential oil blended
Enjoy the floral fragrances loved in France for years.

Size W55×D45×H253mm
Quantity 90mL Oil+5 Sticks+ 1 Top cover cap
Fragrance duration 2 to 2.5 months

*Please be aware that there may be differences or changes in colors due to the ingredients, however this does not affect the quality during use.

  • ROSE


    A fragrance inspired by elegant roses bloom in gentle sunlight

    Floriography: Love, Beauty
    Rose is the most loved flower from ancient times. According to Greek mythology, it is said that rose petals were falling from the sky when the goddess of love, Aphrodite was born.



    A bracing fragrance inspired by fantastic violets

    Floriography: Faithfulness, Everlasting love
    Napoleon, the emperor of the French, was a great fan of violet and known as “Father Violet”. It is said that he sent Josephine, his beloved wife a violet bouquet on every wedding anniversary.



    A fragrance inspired by lily of the valley swings by crisp wind

    Floriography: Happiness, Good luck
    Lily of the valley, known as “Our Lady’s Tears” because of its shape, is thought to bring luck in love and happiness. It is a tradition to give a sprig of lily of the valley to loved ones or family members as a gift in France on 1st May.



    A fragrance inspired by brightly flowered freesia

    Floriography: Affection, Innocence
    It is said freesia was named by a botanist to celebrate friendship with his best friend, Freese.
    Freesia is used to represent “friendship” and “trust”.



    A fragrance inspired by the gentle mimosa which envelopes you in a warm embrace

    Floriography: Appreciation, Thoughtfulness
    Mimosa, a golden flower that adorns the town as a beloved reminder that Spring is near.
    European culture enjoys giving loved ones mimosa to express their gratitude.

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