“From the product to the heart and the heart to the product”

In creating an inspired society, we Art Lab. aim to contribute to the world around us by providing people with comfort and healing through the development, manufacture and sale of scent-related products.
While pursuing the material and spiritual happiness of all our customers and employees, we strive as a company to look inward, train our minds and approach everything we do from the heart.
Moreover, we work to make sure this circle of happiness leads to greater peace in the world we inhabit.
The happiness and satisfaction of our customers provides not only proof of our work but also serves as our greatest reward.


Our journey began with collecting rocks on the Oiso coast…

  • Jan 1987

    Founded in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Began by polishing natural stones that had been rounded by waves into an egg-like shape. Holes and depressions were then added in order to make products for sale such as chopstick holders, salt & pepper shakers, and single-flower vases.

  • Apr 1987

    Displayed the ‘Kaiseki” series of natural stone tableware at the Seibu Department Store in Shibuya, Tokyo. (SP sets combining stones with stainless steel and trays for kaiseki cuisine made from Gensho stone, etc.)

  • Sep 1987

    Moved office to Kyoto. After becoming enamored with Seto and Tajimi pottery which only for exports, we helped produce these for domestic markets and expanded our client base, while also pursuing traditional industries of re-creation. We also began selling the legendary ‘Soleil’ tableware around this time.

  • Jun 1989

    Opened our pilot shop/daily sundries store ‘Hi Holiday’ in Sanjo, Kyoto

  • Mar 1991

    Registered corporation as Art Lab Ltd.

  • Nov 1993

    Moved to Yamashina Ward in Kyoto to concentrate on our craft. Met Kiyomitsu Okubo, head of the Toko School of Fragrance Academy. Began systematically charting the connection between scent and color. After receiving 4 years of instruction from the master of this blending system, committed ourselves to promoting craftsmanship for the sense of smell. Initiated this venture with the sale of scented ceramic beads to high acclaim. This venture also served as a catalyst for the creation of Japan’s aroma goods market. From Kyushu in the west to Tokyo in the east, our President Satoshi Takagi began offering aroma classes predominantly at department stores (The Toko School Fragrance Academy) and expanded our sale of various scented pearl beads.

  • Autumn 1995

    Held exhibitions in Tokyo and Kyoto with 4 like-minded companies in the sundries industry. Expanded thanks to the aroma therapy boom.

  • 1997

    Around this time SP and OEM-related inquiries from the music industry, medical supply manufacturers and the automobile industry began increasing.

  • 1998

    Began engaging in OEM production due to inquiries from overseas. (Australia, America, France, etc.) Collaborated with a cutting-edge perfume designer in France to begin production of perfume pearl beads. Increased the number of scent-related items such as deodorant gels, candles and incense, including fragrance beads.

  • Autumn 2000

    Began development and production of ‘Rich Aroma Tea’ under the license of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Incorporating the excitement of blending, we presented a recipe for our own original blend. We also developed a portion for wholesale use.

  • Autumn 2001

    After reexamining our company’s roots, we began developing our ‘cotoiro’ series, which expressed the aesthetic essence of Kyoto in the form of scents, colors and shapes.

  • Mar 2003

    Held the 1st Art Lab. Exhibition in Kyoto (hereafter held once a year in Kyoto for a total of 4 times) Joined the Tokyo International Gift Show in 2001 and have continued to participate in this event since.

  • May 2006

    Moved our office to its current location in the ART LAB. Building (company owned)

  • Aug 2007

    Joined the NYIGF gift fair in New York to exploit the American market.

  • Feb 2008

    Increased capital and changed the company name to ART LAB. Co., Ltd.

  • Jun 2009

    Opened the new logistics center to increase shipment volume

  • Nov 2009

    Established Asante Co., Ltd. in Kyoto as a factory for Artlab.
    Joined the INTERNATIONAL LIFE STYLE SHOW in Shanghai

  • Jan 2010

    Joined MAISON & OBJET PARIS in France

  • Jan 2011

    Joined MAISON & OBJET PARIS in France (Continued to 4 times)

  • Apr 2011

    Established Artlab. International Co., Ltd. in Hong Kong as an overseas base of Artlab.

  • Aug 2011

    As the culmination of our Artlab Fragrance Collection, we began the sale of our Alphabet Series, which arose from collaborative project with a long-standing perfume manufacturer from Grasse – the capital of perfume – in southern France.

  • Feb 2013

    Began sale of our new brand ‘4.Scenes’ which used rich, full scents to give expression to the atmosphere surrounding 4 different scenes.

  • Nov 2014

    Developed a new ingredient known as ‘Solid Perfume,’ which was a completely new take on fragrances overturning the traditional concept of ‘perfume as liquid.’ Began sale of aroma sheet sets for iPhone using this same material.

  • Nov 2016

    Directly operated store “201LAB Kyoto Fujii Daimaru” opened.

  • May 2019

    Directly operated store “ART LAB. JR Kyoto Isetan” opened.

  • Jul 2020

    Directly operated store “cotoiro Rissei Garden Hulic Kyoto” opened.

  • Sep 2021

    Directly operated store “201LAB LUCUA1100” opened.

  • …to Present