Fragrances are broadly classified as either natural or blended,
with only natural fragrances referred to as “essential oils.” Blended fragrances signify those which have had a synthetic component added to them during the blending stage.
This is done to increase the fragrance’s potency and duration as well as to sustain the quality of the fragrance’s components.
These fragrances are divided into 7 classes,
and the characteristics and common botanical fragrances used in each of these are as follows.


  • モモ
  • ラベンダー
  • ローズ
  • サクラ
  • ジャスミン

The floral class refers to soft, gentle and sweet fragrances as well as those extracted from flowers (including extractions made from leaves).


  • グレープフルーツ
  • ベルガモット
  • オレンジブロッサム
  • レモン

The citrus class refers to refreshing and fruity fragrances that have been extracted from the skin of citrus fruits (including extractions made from leaves).


  • バンブー
  • ユーカリ
  • カモミール
  • ローズマリー
  • セージ

Green class fragrances recreate the feeling of a green grassy meadow as experienced when snapping the leaves or stems of plants.


  • サンダルウッド
  • ヒノキ
  • シダーウッド
  • サイプレス
  • ローズウッド

Slightly sharp in character, these fresh and clean fragrances conger up images of the forest and are made from extractions from the tree’s bark, leaves and branches.


  • ロータス
  • ヒヤシンス
  • ジョンキル

This clear fragrance recreates the sensation of the deep sea, water and air.


  • イランイラン
  • バニラ
  • べチバー
  • ツバキ

These deep and sweet fragrances conger up aromas animalistic in quality. Their mystical character offers a vivid reminder of Southeast Asia, the land from which the plants in this class are collected.


  • アーティスティックブレンド

Fragrances in the perfume class consist of the collection of blended fragrances that do not correspond with any of the other categories. These perfumes – renowned for their scents from long ago – refer to those crafted by experienced masters from a complex combination of hundreds of fragrances in order to provide a lingering scent that congers up images related to a specific theme or concept. We have categorized blended fragrances made from a recipe of 3 or more of the above classes into our perfume class.

Frangrance = Life

The diffuser provides a soft scent when opening your front door that naturally helps you relax after a long day out.
The essence is calming yet mysterious.
Whether for the bedroom, bathroom, frequently trafficked-entrances or the living room for gatherings,
we have fragrances to match a variety of lifestyles and situations.
These fragrances naturally become part of your daily life. This is the fragrant lifestyle we hope to provide.

  • 玄関


    Greet not only your family but also friends, neighbors and even the mail carrier with an inviting fragrance at your home’s entrance.

  • リビング

    Living room

    The right fragrance is essential to a place where you invite friends to gather and spend time with those you love. The flower diffuser lets you experience the scent of real flowers.

  • ダイニング

    Dining room

    Nobody wants an overpowering fragrance at the place where they eat.Aroma oil is easy to adjust the strength of the scent according to your preference. Make family dinnertime special by floating your desired fragrance around.

  • トイレ


    Combined with plant extract deodorant “NTP-F118”,it removes unpleasant odor and make your bathroom smell heavenly.

  • 寝室


    Finish your day with a simple spray to your pillow and fall asleep enveloped in a gentle and pleasant scent. Awake to a refreshing morning.

  • クローゼット


    Attach lightly-scented sachets to hangers or insert them in your dresser drawers for clothes that come out scented in a gentle fragrance.

  • 和室

    Japanese room

    Inspired by the frame of a Kyoto folding fan, this perfume diffuser matches perfectly with the interior of Japanese-style rooms and features a subdued and relaxing fragrance.