L.A.B Reed Diffuser

L.A.B Reed Diffuser

¥4,500 (tax excl.)

Fragrance lasts 6 months at best.

Enjoy the rich fragrance with the simple design.

Size W95×D85×H320mm
Quantity 240ml oil + 8 sticks + 1 wooden cap
Fragrance duration 4 to 6months

* Please be aware that the fragrance's duration varies with climate, temperature, humidity, room size and where the product is placed.

*Please be aware that there may be differences or changes in colors due to the ingredients, however this does not affect the quality during use.

  • Grace of the sun


    A fragrance of citrus fruits inspired by a shiny light of the sun with blessed nature
    Top: Chamomile, Orange, Lemon
    Mid: Jasmine, White rose
    Base: Cedar wood, Musk

  • Blizzard


    A fragrance with green herb inspired by a silent mountain remaining still in the intense snow storm
    Top: Peppermint, Hydrangea, Lime
    Mid: Heliotrope, Clary sage, Citron
    Base: Vetiver, Musk

  • Peace of the meadow


    A fragrance with green herb inspired by a meadow with full of gentleness
    Top: Bergamot, Rosemary
    Mid; Lavender, Fig leaf,
    Base: Oak wood, Musk

  • Gentle rain


    A fragrance of aquatic note inspired by water ripples around the foot on a rainy day
    Top: Bergamot, Lotus
    Mid; Waterlily, Oakmoss, Lilac
    Base; Vetiver, Citron, Musk

  • Fruity pleasure


    A juicy fruity fragrance inspired by a happiness of blessed and colorful fruits
    Top; Pear, Apricot, Apple
    Mid; Rose, Green pineapple, Lily of the valley
    Base: Jasmine, Musk

  • The moon light


    A floral herb fragrance inspired by the moon light shining in the cloudy sky
    Top; Geranium, Jasmine
    Mid; Rosemary, Sage, Thyme
    Base: Musk, Amber

  • Gleam sprout


    A fragrance of citrus inspired by fresh and watery young leaf that is sprouting
    Top; Lemon, Lime, Verbena leaf
    Mid: Lemongrass, Orange blossom
    Base: Balsam

  • Whispered breeze


    A powdery floral fragrance inspired by a gentle breeze swinging in the wild flowers
    Top; Narcissus, Rosemary, Mint
    Mid: Freesia, Peony, White linen
    Base: Musky savon

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