Perfumed Oil

Perfumed Oil

¥680 (tax excl.)

This Japanese aroma oil comes in a bottle that has been placed inside a paper sleeve and carefully wrapped to deliver a package with a welcoming feel. Use this oil with an aroma light or aroma pot.

Size Φ30×H85mm
Quantity 5mL (approx. 83 drops)

*Please take care as application to colored items or painted surfaces may damage the color.

*When using with other commercial warmers or aromatic devices, please make sure to read and confirm with the manufacturer instructions before use. Please be aware that we bear no responsibility in the event of an accident or defect.

●Hinoki oil compound
Hinoki oil is made from cypress oil extracted predominantly from Aomori white cedar (approx. 1%) that is further separated and refined with only another 1% extracted making it an extremely valuable essential oil. It is known for having exceptional sanitizing, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

●How to use
・Fill the aroma pot plate with water and add a few drops of oil to fully experience the fragrance.
・Fill a bowl or cup with hot water and add a few drops for a simple experience of gentle fragrances.
・Place a cotton ball or tissue on a small plate and add a few drops to enjoy the fragrance at your desk, bedside or other convenient location.
(*Please take care not to ingest the oil or apply directly to the skin)

  • Momo (Peach)


    A sweet fragrance inspired by peach flowers

  • Sakura (Cherry Blossoms)


    A sweet fragrance inspired by cherry blossoms

  • Fuji (Japanese Wisteria)


    A splendid fragrance inspired by wisteria

  • Ajisai (Hydrangea)


    A gentle fragrance inspired by hydrangeas

  • Mizu (Water)


    A crisp fragrance inspired by water

  • Wakatake (Young Bamboo)


    A refreshing fragrance inspired by young bamboo

  • Hasu (Lotus)


    A clean fragrance inspired by lotus

  • Nadeshiko (Dianthus)


    A fragrance inspired by the dianthus flower

  • Kinmokusei (Fragrant Olive)


    A sweet, fruitlike fragrance inspired by osmanthus

  • Yuzu (Citron)


    A citrus fragrance inspired by the Japanese citron.

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