NORDIC TONE – Air Cleaner Diffuser

NORDIC TONE – Air Cleaner Diffuser

¥1,900 (tax excl.)

A pure vegetable deodorant “NTP-F118” is blended which effect to keep the space deodorized. The freshness provided by air cleaner feels like standing in a forest.
The design is plain and tidy that can match to any space. It is recommended for a gift.

About NTP-F118
- Deodorize by a gift from forest -
“NTP-F118” is made of 118 plant’s ingredient such as a pine tree, green tea, Sasa albo-marginata, aloe, gynostemma, ginkgo tree, plantain, persimmon, corn, eucommia ulmoides. It does not harm our health and environment as no chemical substance is applied. We are concerned about the environmental preservation by using a lumber from thinning as a raw material.

Size W60×D60×H260mm
Quantity 115ml oil + 6 pieces reed stick
Fragrance duration approx. 1 month

※Please be aware that the fragrance duration varies with climate, temperature,humidity, room size and where the product is placed.
※Due to the nature of the fragrance, the liquid may have a slight color, however this does not affect the quality.


The idea of manufacturing with a natural material is truly valued
and deeply rooted in North Europe.
Productions born from such heart is full of affection.
NORDIC TONE is a series you feel the nature of Northern
Europe and the gift of the forest in your room.

  • blå


    “blå” is “blue” in Swedish.
    At a truly silent lake, the air is embraced by a translucent scent.
    From a deep blue lake of mysterious atmosphere, a bracing scent of bergamot feels like freshening your heart.

  • vit


    “vit” is “white” in Swedish.
    Endless white snow and ice of transparency, the stars in the night sky are embraced by a whimsical light.
    Vit’s lemon fragrance is somehow nostalgic.

  • grön


    “grön” is “green” in Swedish.
    The forest trees that survived a cold winter watch over a young bud in underground longing for a moment to bloom.
    Gron is a fresh rosemary scent.

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