Libre bouquet – Fragrance Sachet

Libre bouquet – Fragrance Sachet

¥400 (tax excl.)

Take joy in flowers and pleasant fragrance liberally.
Libre bouquet comes with a wish for living in your own way.
A fragrance sachet is filled with floral scents.
Place in a closet or drawer and enjoy the soft fragrance that fills your space.

Size W90×H90mm
Quantity 5g fragrant beads
Fragrance duration 3 weeks

*Please be aware that the fragrance duration varies with climate, temperature, humidity, room size and where the product is placed.

  • Bouquet’d espoir


    Purified fragrance evokes a pleasant feeling when gentle sunlight and breeze come from the window.

  • Joli bouquet


    Adorable fragrance evokes a soft smile turning up to rosy cheeks.

  • Bouquet ensolille


    Delightful fragrance evokes an inner peace when surrounding by bright sunshine.

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