MUSÉE des ROSES – Fragrance Hanger Sachet

MUSÉE des ROSES – Fragrance Hanger Sachet

¥500 (tax excl.)

A fragrance sachet is filled with gently-scented beads.
Place in a closet or drawer and enjoy the soft fragrance that fills your space.

Size W82 ✕ H180mm
Quantity 5g fragrant beads + rose petal
Fragrance duration approx. 1 month

※Please be aware that the fragrance duration varies with climate, temperature,humidity, room size and where the product is placed.

Aromatic scent leads you to a rose garden….
MUSÉE des ROSES = Museum of Roses
The art collection of fragrances is waiting for you.

  • Velvet rose


    A passion and sharpness are veiled in a dignified impression of deep rouge.
    A refined gorgeousness and a mysterious beauty convince its elegance.
    “Velvet Rouge” is a fragrance of absolute beauty.

  • Princess rose


    It is like a bloom of roses tempt us for a delightful tea time,
    with its enchanted grace and nectarous scent.
    The true beauty and strength comes from deep inside…
    Princess rose is the most elegant and gentle fragrance.

  • Pure neige


    A fresh brilliance is given off like a clear snow.
    A transparent and delicate sweetness swing airily, which gives you a
    pure impression.
    The gentle fragrance of Pure neige fulfills you.

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