PORTE BONHEUR – Hand&Nail Cream

PORTE BONHEUR – Hand&Nail Cream

¥900 (tax excl.)

Our hand and nail cream gives you a rich moisturization and protect
from dryness. Whenever you apply to your skin, the gentle fragrance
brings you a joy.
◆Olive oil blended:Olive oil contains oleic acid which makes it easier for the skin to absorb

Size W33✕D23✕H120mm
Quantity 30g

*Viscosity change, color change, fragrance intensity may occur depend on storage condition. However, this does not affect when use.

Porte Bonheur is a French word referring to a bringer of happiness and protection.
Enveloped in the gentle fragrance contained in each flower,
may your heart be visited by the greatest of happiness

Our PORTE BONHEUR Series is inspired by the naturally lush French countryside so loved by the artist Van Gogh. Here, there is no need to hurry or feel the pressure that accompanies the hustle and bustle of city life. It has been known from long ago that happiness is always close at hand. Cherishing each of the little happy moments found in life, we have carefully packed these into our fragrances. Enveloped in the gentle fragrances contained in each colorful flower, may your heart be visited by the greatest of happiness.

  • Felicite


    This refreshing aroma consists of light mint tea, bergamot, and hyacinth combined with rose and Freesia and topped off with white musk and amber for overall depth.

    Fragrance image:
    A refreshing fragrance inspired by the feeling of awakening to the morning chirping of birds

  • Priere


    This festive warm aroma consists of lovely orange tea and Neroli extracts combined with rose, jasmine, and chamomile and accented with cedar wood and musk.

    Fragrance image:
    A warm fragrance inspired by a gently blowing breeze in the early afternoon

  • La charite


    This deep sunset fragrance consists of elegant rose tea and quince aromas combined with violet and lavender and topped off with amber, musk, and patchouli for depth

    Fragrance image:
    A deep fragrance inspired by a richly setting sun

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