Seasonal Incense

Seasonal Incense

¥1,200 (tax excl.)

The fragrances for this incense set were inspired by the seasons. The intricate design of the glass bead incense holder included in the package make this the perfect gift. The glass bead can also be used as an accessory.

Size W55×H90mm (glass bead Φ approx. 20mm)
Quantity short incense sticks 10, glass bead
Fragrance duration approx. 18min

*The color of the incense varies with the season.

●Hinoki oil compound
Hinoki oil is made from cypress oil extracted predominantly from Aomori white cedar (approx. 1%) that is further separated and refined with only another 1% extracted making it an extremely valuable essential oil. It is known for having exceptional sanitizing, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

  • Sakura (Cherry Blossoms)


    A dignified and graceful fragrance inspired by cherry blossoms shrouded in morning mist

  • Shidare-zakura (Weeping Cherry Blossoms)


    A fascinating fragrance inspired by nighttime cherry blossoms

  • Kodemari (Spiraea)


    A vibrant, floral-type fragrance

  • Asagao (Morning glory)


    A crisp fragrance of morning glory flowers

  • Kingyo (Gold fish)


    A fresh fragrance inspired by early summer

  • Hasu (Lotus)


    A crisp floral scent inspired by the evening breeze

  • Usagi (Rabbit)


    A fragrance with an elegant perfume scent inspired by the moon

  • Kantsubaki (Camellia hiemalis)


    A graceful, deep fragrance inspired by winter camellia

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